What to Expect


                                            TRANSFORMATION.  The word itself speaks to a process of change.
 As your organization is transforming into a higher value, customer focused enterprise, many individual changes need to take place that will enable you to reach the next level of excellence.  This level of excellence can be defined as not only accomplishing the transformation, but also building an organizational capability that will consistently deliver results.
Whether the transformation is one that is results driven or one that sets out to accomplish a culture change, the attributes of leadership to deliver the expected outcome are common.
Transformations can focus on any dimension of the enterprise including:
·       Acquisition and synergy of a new organization
·       Divestiture or spin-off of an existing business
·       Overall performance excellence, e.g. Lean Six Sigma or Business Process Management
·       External focus rather than internal
Building the capability to transform is the senior leadership mandate in each of these cases. Not only accomplishing the results, but infusing the skills and leadership in the organization to continue to transform become the deliverables. Positioning the best leaders for the transformation is then critical.
Executives have a choice of several strategies to consider the staffing of such enterprise critical transformations:
1.     Choose an experienced senior staff member to lead the transformation
2.     Hire traditional consultants to manage the task
3.     Assign a high potential future leader to lead the transformation
4.     Assign a high potential leader supported by an experienced mentor
           The value proposition of Executive Transformation Mentoring LLC is to accomplish strategy #4  in an efficient and effective way through the experience brought to the engagement by Don Linsenmann.
           This approach gives clear accountability of the transformation leadership to the selected employee. The benefits are clear that this person will not only deliver results, but build a capability for future executive assignments with the essence of the transformation. The risk of this person not having a depth of experience is mitigated by the hands-on mentoring from Mr. Linsenmann. With coaching, strategizing, designing, planning, and teaching in the background, Mr. Linsenmann will prepare this executive transformation leader with all of the benefit of his experience in leading such large sweeping transformations. The expected engagement is planned to be short-termed, usually less than one year. At this time, the trajectory has been set, results are delivered, and the leader has garnered a wealth of experience to complete the current task and then move on to a larger role in the organization.

As a client coming to Executive Transformation Mentoring, you have a unique transformation need that will be led by one of your high potential executives. They will receive coaching, guidance and mentoring from Don Linsenmann to design an overall transformation Charter outlining the specific steps to lead the communication, deliverables, and benefits for your enterprise.