Leadership is not only setting a vision and driving execution, but also developing future leaders. Many executives are Y- based, that is, all about outcomes. Others are X-based, understanding the inputs. The modern executive is all about building the Z- the long term capability of the organization

to deliver both now and in the future.

Developing leadership is a very personal process. Identifying and assigning high potential employees is not enough to guarantee their development and the success of the major projects that they are asked to lead. These future executives need to be coached, educated, and mentored in the art of transformation leadership.

Whether you are a CEO contemplating a large transformation for your company or a newly appointed transformation project leader,  consider all the dimensions of your undertaking. Selecting a high potential employee for a major transformation supported by Don Linsenmann, an experienced mentor, can significantly improve the efficacy of the transformation and the cycle time to reach the transformed state.

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                       Providing experienced mentoring to transformation leaders



Change is the currency of all transformations. Whether moving to a more externally driven customer focus, a new ERP system, or a performance excellence program, such as Lean Six Sigma, the culture  is being transformed. This impact needs to be understood to appropriately pace the speed of the transformation.